Brunkeberg compared with other facade installation methods


”Newest method of installation in the façade industry is the Brunkeberg system. It was developed by its founder Henrik Falk in 2005. System controls the material in an integrated installation process, from offloading of transportation trucks to final installation location. This is almost 100% automated approach and currently closest it can get to automated installation technique. Its main purpose is to eliminate chain reactions of delay and high-rise logistical bottlenecks. It is installed and run from the building exterior and requires minimal on-floor work. ”

”This method of installation is highly automated and offers lowest number of steps needed for successful installation. It reduces time needed for installation and reinstallation, units are controlled under wind situations (wind usually influences around 20% of project time), contractors are totally decoupled (no need for tower crane or any other contractor to finish specific line of work), pace of installation is far greater than others and it may be used for building maintenance or weather protection (which in return can be used as advertisement).”

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