Development Study at International Group for Lean Construction

Development of an Integrated Facade System to Improve the High-Rise Building Process.

Brunkeberg is pleased to report that the 2009 development study on the The Brunkeberg® System was presented at the 17th annual conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC), held in Taipei, Taiwan 2009. 

Prof Iris Tommelein, Berkeley University of California
Fredrik Friblick, MD at Prolog logistics
Edith Mueller, Director at Arup Facade Engineering
Henrik Falk, Brunkeberg

Download the IGLC Academic Paper: IGLC  (PDF)  

Source: IGLC International Group for lean construction

The lean construction concept explained: A de-coupled workflow for facade installation. Minimizing the conflicts with other craftsmen and reducing dependence on shared resources on site.