Hephaestus – Robotics for Curtain walling

Mathias Farnebo of Brunkeberg is participating as an expert advisor for the Hephaestus Project in Europe. 

The HEPHAESTUS project explores the innovative use of robots and autonomous systems in construction, a field where the incidence of such technologies is minor to non-existent. The project aims to increase market readiness and acceptance of key developments in cable robots and curtain walls.

With the current Brunkeberg logistics systems, we achieve 80% automation. This is considered this disruptive in the construction industry. However, within the framework of this pan-european research project, we study how utilise robots used in other industries, with the aim to achieve full automation. This pioneering project really showcases well how existing cutting edge robotics can be applied to the Curtain Walling industry of the future. The visionary leaders of the team have assembled some brilliant minds from across borders and industries.” – Mathias Farnebo, Brunkeberg.

This project is funded by EU and the Horizon 2020 program. Within 2 years from now, a full scale prototype will be built.