New Advisors

We welcome Peter Wågström, Michael Doron and Erik Sävenstrand as advisors in Brunkeberg. Our new new team members will add expertise in the areas of business planning, monetization and capitalization.

Mr. Peter Wågström

Has more than 25 years of experience from construction and real estate industry in northern Europe. Peter was the CEO and President of NCC 2011 to 2017 and a member of the NCC Group’s executive management team for more than 10 years. Since he started at NCC 2004, he has held several different positions. Previous positions in the company include Head of Business Area Property Development and Head of Business Area Housing. Prior to NCC, Peter held a variety of positions mainly involving business development, management and restructuring. Peter was employed for eight years by Skanska, and took part in their subsidiary Drott’s stock listing on the Swedish stock exchange. Peter was a member of Drott’s and subsequently Fabege Group’s management. Peter have today several board positions, investments in startups and companies.

Mr. Michael Doron

Michael has extensive experience, spanning over 20+ years, in venture capital deal sourcing and financing, debt arbitrage, mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, corporate governance and board formation and its leadership. For the past five years, as a venture capitalist, Michael has specialized in bridging Nordic technologies and innovations with American markets while mentoring, financing and developing exit strategies as well as introducing U.S. based technology companies with Nordic insight, early market and local access.

Mr Erik Sävenstrand

Mr Sävenstrand is an independent consultant holding board and senior advisory positions in high-growth companies. Mr Sävenstrand has a broad professional services background, including senior positions in investment banking, management consulting and venture capital. The last five years Mr Sävenstrand has invested in and helped a number of high-growth early stage companies with business planning, monetization and capitalization.