The Company was co-founded in 2006 by Ulf G. Linden and Henrik Falk. Mr. Linden was a well-known Swedish industrialist and the owner of Lindéngruppen, which is a very successful consortium of large Swedish and global companies. Mr. Falk was the innovator and Mr. Linden provided the financial backing and corporate structure. Unfortunately, Ulf G. Linden passed away in 2009.

In 2013, Lindéngruppen and Lennart Holm met and began corporation discussions. Lennart Holm is a well-known entrepreneur, angel investor and business leader with a keen interest in effective and resource saving technologies. They initiated a partnership with the intention of utilizing Lennart Holm’s significant business network, thereby strengthening Brunkeberg AB. In March 2014, the Company undertook new share issuance and subsequently received a 40 MSEK (roughly €4m) injection to fund the next development phase.

In 2014 the Company realized that the conservativeness of the construction market meant it was not ready to commercially embrace the Company’s revolutionary solution with all its value-adding features until Brunkeberg had secured step one on its journey, having:

  • Delivered a full-scale, commercial, proof-of-concept Brunkeberg system façade
  • Developed a complete product catalog for its facade installation system according
    to industry standards
  • Enabled the relevant IT interfaces
  • Received CE certification on the system and all ingoing components


The Company has been granted over 120 patents in 13 different families. The Company has been in R&D mode since its inception, and during the 2021 year, the Company has shifted its focus towards commercialization which will begin in 2022.