Benchmark study – Brunkeberg and Alimak with Linköpings University

On January the 10th, 2020,  a benchmark study was commenced, focusing on the analysis of different setups for logistics and vertical transportation with the Tellus Tower project in Stockholm as the study case. The benchmark study is a collaboration between Linköping University, Alimak Group and Brunkeberg Systems AB and will be carried through as a master’s thesis project aiming to highlight the pros and cons of the different setups with regards to building efficiency, productivity and total cost. The master’s thesis is supervised by the Construction Logistics unit at Linköping University.


Linköping University: Master’s thesis students Simon Istgren and Gustav Sedvallson, supervised by Prof. Martin Rudberg and Petter Haglund.

Alimak Group: Henrik Teiwik, Charlotte Brogren, Urban Lundberg, Keith Hancook

Brunkeberg Systems: Henrik Falk, Joop Mul, Kenneth Werbes